Jammed: Why Bakersfield Will Not Win the D-League This Season

To begin with, I don't understand why we even have the NBA Development League in the first place. It's unnecessary, if you ask me.

Apparently, the D-League office didn't need the D-Fenders, so why do we even need it? It befuddles this columnist, even if you try to convince him otherwise.

If you can't make the starting 15 or 16, or however many are on the final roster for opening night of a National Basketball Association season, you have one of three options: 1. play in Europe, 2. play in a foreign league outside or Europe or 3. get a day job.

And no, the other leagues we have here in the states do not count as as a viable option (that's right, I am aiming my crosshairs towards you, ABA).

Sadly, we are stuck with the joke of a league that is the D-League: the league where those who still want a piece of David Stern's wallet but are not worthy enough to deserve one (like the LeBrons and Kobes of the world) go to play.

By the way, that rally in Miami was nothing more than a sideshow; there is no way that the Heat will get seven in a row as foreordained by the chalkmaster himself unless an Act of God happens. Take it to the bank.

So while we are on the D-League subject, I want to express why the Bakersfield Jam will not win/do not deserve to win the 2010-11 D-League crown. Thank the Lord of all hoops that the D-Fenders will not be competing this coming season, because they flat-out stank last year and tanked in attendance.

I mean, who the bloody heck wants to watch a group of street bums that have no business donning the purple and gold and will have nothing but pipe dreams of joining the Lake Show? By oath, I'd opt to demand a refund!

"We will be the affiliate of the Bakersfield team which, from our point of view is natural," Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a recent interview with ESPNLosAngeles.com. "It's perfect for us. There were a couple options that the [D...

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