James Worthy Calls Kobe Bryant an ‘Alien’, ‘Not a Human Being’

Kobe Bryant being an alien could explain a lot. 

It would explain his insanely competitive nature, his talent for hitting some of the most difficult shots imaginable, his ability to play through pain and his unearthly knack for shattering injury timetables. 

I've always suspected that the Mamba isn't a human being, and now a former Los Angeles Lakers star has confirmed it. As relayed by the Los Angeles Daily News' Mark Medina, James Worthy has no doubt about Kobe's ability to recover from his Achilles injury thanks to his extraterrestrial nature. The forward is on the record as saying, "Kobe is not a human being. He’s an alien. I think he will come back and play well.”

But Worthy is not the first to realize it. Others have before, even if they've buried the information like CBS' Ken Berger did back in April: 

Grover spoke with Bryant on Friday night after the injury, and as of then, he said his star pupil was all in—“fully on board” with waging this fight. But the road will be long, slow and grueling. Full recovery will not take kindly to Bryant's insistence on pushing through pain, ignoring normal human timetables and doing the impossible. His sewn-together tendon will be a lot tougher than those who allowed him to push himself to such incredible limits over these past few weeks.

See? Berger knew that Bryant would ignore "normal human timetables," and he published that article the day after Kobe's injury against the Golden State Warriors. 

If that's not undeniable proof, then what do you say to this transformative ability? 

But, back to Worthy. Even though he's on board with the whole "Kobe is an alien" thing, he still has one legitimate concern going into the 2013-14 season: 

“One of the biggest challenges for Kobe this year is, can he step back? He’s been in the leagu...

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