It’s All Fundamental: Kobe, MJ & The Top 10 Most Fundamental Players Of All-Time

It’s all fundamental, what makes the most complete players of all-time on the offensive end. They have to excel in all aspects of the game. 

The list of talented players who never made a career in the NBA could circle the earth. The NBA is full of individuals who possessed super talents, super skills but failed to make it or stay in the NBA.

It is not surprising. Success is not just talent alone. 

Sure, players could get by on talent alone in high school. The superior talented ones even slipped by in college. While they found success and were coddled, this actually was there undoing. 

They had the wrong attitude. Their success really wasn’t a result of a work ethic or an approach but relied solely on talent.

The NBA has too many players that have both talent and a work ethic. If you only have one, you can’t compete. You must have both.

Kobe Bryant talked about this exact thing yesterday during his annual visit to his high school, Lower Merion, in Philadelphia.  Kobe talked about how important fundamental are and how it is a dying art, at least for US player. Check out the article.;_ylt=AlVwd_I9mB0zGQgFzG5RkEG8vLYF?slug=aw-bryanthighschool121610

So, who are the most fundamental players in NBA history? And, more importantly, why?

The 4 key offensive areas are:

1. Drive- create their own shot, get to the rim and finish.

2. Mid-range- the deadly art. Drive hard and then pull up. Sink this consistently.

3. Distance- High percentage from long range.

4. Post- Skilled in the post and using both hands.

And, just to clarify, we’re going to limit our list to perimeter players since the bigs don’t go out and shoot threes nor do they tend to really drive to the cup. No normal bigs on this list.

That means NO Duncan, Ma...

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