It’s All Fun and Games, Right?: Lakers, Wake Up

Yes, to those who are wondering, this is a picture of last year's championship team.

Man, I miss them, especially Trevor Ariza, but don't tell Ron Artest I said that.

It feels like the Lakers don't take the game seriously enough sometimes. Kobe may give a 110 percent effort every game and Pau may provide solid numbers, but the rest of the Lakers are such a mystery to me.

What motivates them?

It seems nothing does, even if it's the difference between wins and losses.

Even last year the Lakers underachieved in many eyes. I know they won the championship, but during the regular season there were some games they merely did not show up just because they were the Lakers.

Isn't that a horrible attitude?

I guarantee that if the Lakers had played hard and played smart, they would have won close to 70 games last year.

This is not the point though.

We are talking about the current Lakers team and what the future may hold for them.

Today's loss to the Phoenix Suns was another disappointment and it's getting to a point where Lakers fans are getting used to losing a couple of games.

If this Lakers team had half of the mentality of the "Showtime" Lakers team, this would have been a five-game series at the most.

Well, this is obviously not the case.

This is arguably the most talented NBA team right now. I mean, when you have Kobe (still considered a top-five player), Pau Gasol (a borderline superstar), Ron Artest (a tenacious defender and a strong leader), Derek Fisher (a classic veteran), and Andrew Bynum (a promising center), I mean, how can one deny them greatness?

The Lakers are proving everyone wrong in this aspect.

I am one of the biggest Lakers fans you will probably ever come across, but I am merely stating the obvious. This Lakers team is underachieving.

The Lakers should have be...

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