Is There Any Reason Mike D’Antoni Should Be Coaching LA Lakers Next Season?

Mike D’Antoni might be coaching out his final season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The former Phoenix Suns coach has consistently demonstrated he is a one-trick pony headman, and that might very well lead to his demise.

D’Antoni comes to the table with a predetermined system that does not always capitalize on the talent at his disposal. Thus, it’s a little difficult to make the case that the Lakers need to retain his services going forward.

That won’t stop us from trying, though.


Keeping Mike D’Antoni

Mike D’Antoni has been extremely unlucky in his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. Indeed, the team has been decimated by injuries during his tenure with the team and consequently, he has been obligated to make due with role players.

In his first season with the Purple and Gold, D’Antoni lost his starters for a multitude of games. Have at the graphic below outlining the missed games in 2012-13 by the Lakers’ starters (playoffs included):


Games missed

Kobe Bryant


Dwight Howard


Pau Gasol


Metta World Peace


Steve Nash


Despite the fact Los Angeles was occasionally left without bodies, the team still made the postseason under D’Antoni’s watch.

That speaks to his ability to steer his unit through a storm. The former New York Knicks coach has seen his team lose players once more this season due to poor health.

Heading into Christmas, D’Antoni still had not seen his starting backcourt on the floor together. Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash both dealt with injuries that have by and large kept them out of the lineup through roughly the first quarter of the campaign.  


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