Is the Human Pogo a No-Go? Shannon Brown’s Future With Lakers Still a Mystery

As more and more time elapses, the anticipation surrounding the NBA's remaining free agents builds. The top-tier free agents have landed, now everyone is looking to acquire the finishing pieces to the puzzle.

Certainty, or even rumors of Shannon Brown’s location next season have been absent, and pressure continues to mount on Shannon and his representation each day.

Brown opted out of the last year of his contract in the hopes of receiving more money with the increased NBA salary cap. In exit interviews, Brown said that he would like to stay in LA. However, his improved play has caught notice around the league.

Shannon is only 24, and has loads of potential. He was undoubtedly instrumental on our ring quests. The Lakers, however, have little intention of bringing the emergent guard back.

This comes as no surprise, since Phil and the Lakers have operated in this fashion for years. They’ll establish a solid core with replaceable pieces that combat other talents around the league. With all the offseason movement, perimeter defense and three-point shooting remains a crucial area for the Lakers to address.

Unfortunately, Shannon doesn’t consistently excel at either perimeter shooting or defense, which makes him expendable to LA.

Players are normally paid just to perform on the court through the duration of the season. When you have players, Kobe is goin after Raja Bell, along with management actively involved in recruiting new roster additions, you have some type of team.

The excitement and optimism surrounding our second round picks could seemingly fill a few holes in the future, but our veteran group isn’t looking past tomorrow. Kobe, Fish, Pau, and Ron have all gathered themselves and are now in pursuit of  a three-peat.

Phil rarely likes to experiment with rookies an...

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