Is Phil Jackson the Missing Link to Repairing LA Lakers’ Uncertain Future?

"Uncertain future" and "Los Angeles Lakers" haven't typically belonged in the same sentence. 

Even when the team has struggled, there's been hope for the future. We haven't been fully plunged into the realms of interrogatives in quite some time, as there's typically been a star player in his prime or enough appeal that one will soon arise.

Can you even remember a Lakers squad without Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson leading the charge?

But right now, uncertainty is the name of the game for the Lakers. On so many levels, from Kobe's Achilles to the rest of the roster to whatever is going to happen at the conclusion of the 2013-14 season.

Fortunately, there's one man who can help repair it all: Phil Jackson.  


Help Fix the Rift Between the Busses

When two siblings are fighting, it can be difficult to spend time with them. You want to avoid the situation rather than get yourself firmly embroiled in it. 

But it's even worse when those two siblings are prominent decision-makers for a major organization like the Lakers. If Jim and Beanie Buss aren't getting along, that drastically diminishes the appeal of the franchise, and it's a franchise that relies heavily on appeal to restock with top-notch talent each and every year. 

By all accounts, Jim's decision to hire Mike D'Antoni instead of Phil Jackson hasn't sat so well with his sister. The following is an excerpt from her memoir, "Laker Girl," as shared by the Los Angeles Times: 

By the next day, stories began coming out in the media that Phil wanted part ownership of the team, had demanded a ridiculous salary, and had insisted on not traveling with the team on some of our road trips.

None of that was true...

Two days after Phil got that phone call, I was at the gym when I started crying so hysterically that they sent me h...

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