Is Kobe Bryant’s in-Game Tweeting a Major Distraction for Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have seen just about every imaginable iteration of Kobe Bryant this season. There's been Scoring Kobe, Point Guard Kobe, Posterizing Kobe, Coach Kobe.

And, since tearing his Achilles against the Golden State Warriors, Big Brother Kobe.

Bryant's seized the opportunity, while laid up in bed at his estate in Orange County, to expand and improve his "Twitter game" by offering comment on the Lakers' every move from afar—for better or worse. He first warned the world of his coming proclivities prior to L.A.'s last regular-season meeting with the San Antonio Spurs:

And offered his initial live critique of the Lakers' on-court performance during his team's season-ending overtime win against the Houston Rockets:

But even those pointers paled in comparison to the relative flood of tweets the Mamba dispensed from the opening tip of the Lakers' 91-79 loss in the Alamo City. It began innocuously enough, with a bedside evaluation of Steve Nash's movement in the point guard's first action since late March:

It wasn't long, though, before Kobe started tweeting out "tips" for his purple-and-gold teammates:

Not that Mike D'Antoni was all that enthused. The Lakers coach was informed of Bryant's social media activity after the loss to the Spurs. He suggested it's fine that Kobe publicize his opinions because, right now, he's "a fan":

Which, apparently, confused Kobe a bit:

After all, how could a guy who's been the face of the glitziest franchise in the NBA for the better part of two decades be "just" a fan? How could a future Hall of Famer with five championship rings and untold influence within the organization simply cheer on the Lakers like any other supporter?

How could he? Because that's all he can and, frankly, should do right now.


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