Is Kobe Bryant What’s Wrong with the Lakers?

What's wrong with the L.A. Lakers?

ESPN's Chris Broussard recently touched on the thought that Kobe Bryant's ball dominance and shaky perimeter defense might be one of the major causes, despite the fact he's leading the team and the league in scoring.

Now, the fingers can and have been already pointed in a LOT of different directions. Mike D'Antoni, Pau Gasol, the new offensive system, the bench, the roster overall, Steve Nash's injury and Dwight Howard's back have all gone under the microscope. 

Kobe has yet to catch much flak for the Lakers' sputtering start, and he has yet to take much responsibility for it either.

Should he?

NBA Analyst Will Leivenberg and NBA Assistant Editor Joel C. Cordes debate Kobe Bryant's role in this middling kickoff to the Lakers' season.

How does Kobe play into this picture? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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