Is Byron Scott the Best or Just Last Choice LA Lakers Have for Head Coach?

We’ll never know if Byron Scott was the first choice of the Lakers to be their next head coach. It doesn’t matter.

He is the logical choice to be the Lakers coach. He is both Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now, and that should be OK with management and the team’s legion of fans.

And yet the Lakers continue to wait, justifying their indecisiveness by telling anyone who will listen that they want to fill out their once-barren roster before knowing what direction to take in a head coach.

Here's Mitch Kupchak attempting a bit of humor on Thursday over the situation, per ESPN Los Angeles:

Maybe we can wait until September. Obviously that's one of the next things that we're going to address, and with putting the roster together and getting through the draft and getting through this last period, a week or two, the next thing we're going to work on is the coach, and I think we're going to have somebody in the next couple weeks.

Well, the roster looks pretty full today. With the very recent additions of Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer and Ed Davis and then the re-signing of Jordan Hill, Nick Young, Xavier Henry and Wesley Johnson, the Lakers only need to fill one or two more roster spots to be ready for training camp in September. Forward Ryan Kelly will most likely be one of those.

So, why the holdup on Scott? Is it because the Lakers are gun-shy about hiring the next coach after going 0-2 with the Mikes (Brown and D’Antoni)? They have vetted Scott more than most Supreme Court nominations.


Mr. Right

Scott is Mr. Right for several obvious, credible reasons. He’s been a winner, both as a player and coach.

In his first job as head coach of the New Jersey Nets, Scott helped guide the once comically poor franchise to two consecutive NBA Finals (2001-02 and 2002-03).

He also helped turn around a struggling franchis...

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