Iron Man Competition: Brett Favre vs. Cal Ripken Jr. vs. A.C. Green

With the potential end of Brett Favre's record 291 consecutive NFL starts looming, I started thinking about other Iron Men.  I remember watching the game Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's record, and finally walked away under his own power from his own amazing streak of starts in 1998.  I grew up watching the Celtics battle the Lakers in the late 80's and early 90's-a team that featured the NBA's "Iron Man"; A.C. Green, whose own streak of 1,192 games played in the NBA is pretty amazing in itself.  As something of an "old school" sports fan, I've always been one that appreciates toughness over flash, endurance over a "one hit wonder", and longevity and consistency in general.  As such, I appreciate players like these three, and in appreciating them I often wonder whose streak is the most impressive.  Who displayed the most toughness in their pursuit of their respective sports' "Iron Man" designation?  Who battled through the most adversity to maintain their place among history's most reliable competitors?  On the pages that follow I'll make a case for each player, and at the end I hope you the readers will help me make up my mind with your comments below.

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