If Winning NBA Titles Is the Goal, Then Kobe Bryant Is Your Man

In the midst of recent struggles by the Los Angeles Lakers, a new trend has emerged which blames all of the ailments of the team on its superstar Kobe Bryant, with some even going as far to say the Lakers are a better team without Bryant.

This is not an original idea because Kobe is used to assuming blame for the Lakers, win or lose, but this new theory has gained momentum because of opinions voiced by Bryant's teammates, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

Gasol said it was his opinion that much of the Lakers' issues could be solved if more of an effort was made to work the basketball into the post, which on the surface sounds like a good decision.

Any offense operates more efficiently when it begins with an entry pass to the post, because either you get an easy look close to the basket, or the defense collapses which allows uncontested shots from the perimeter.

However the irony in Gasol's statement stood out because he has just as much to do with an efficient Laker offense as Bryant, and is an equal conspirator in this latest version of Laker-Gate.

I'm not sure if what Gasol said was a thinly-veiled shot directed towards Bryant and his reluctance to pass the ball in certain situations, but if it was Gasol shouldn't throws rocks from the confines of a glass house.

Gasol is a wonderfully talented seven footer with multiple skills, and is one of the more valued members of the Laker roster. Laker fans do have their issues with Gasol and most of them concern his play in the post.

Gasol has the ability to shoot with either hand, and his athleticism and lateral movement allows him to easily establish position in the paint, however the way he finishes at the rim has made him an object of disdain for many of the Laker faithful.

For all of Gasol's talent, he has a serious problem attacking the rim with authority on offense, and on defense there is a league-wide perception that Gaso...

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