I Speak Prematurely: Lakers-Boston Celtics in an Epic Theater for the Ages

Before the NBA season comes to a closure, the people obsessed with sports are anxiously ready to see an epic showdown among two franchises with bad blood, and wishing to badmouth each other in a physical clash.

This has been an uninteresting postseason of ills and very little excitement, besieged with all the uncertainty and uncompetitive series that lasted fewer than six games.

So save the best for last in the NBA Finals, a contest that will last approximately seven games, based on all the talent and poise each team presents. The world gazes at Kobe Bryant, arguably the preeminent shooting guard of this age, despite that he was teased previously in a Los Angeles Times photo for wearing a headband, bow tie, and a top hat, becoming the latest model in humiliating photos.

The world also stares at the Boston Celtics, a reviving franchise with three aging star players finding ways to survive and outlast opponents by playing unstoppable defense and enduring the improbable pursuit.

As of recently, the tradition and mystique has gradually resounded Celtic Pride, and the Celtics has endured the probable thoughts of winning its second championship in three seasons, en route to capturing its 18th championship possibly against the archrivals.

It would be interesting to see if the Lakers can beat the Celtics, avenging and erasing the devastating loss in the Finals two years ago. To this day, the Lakers still have a bitter and ill-natured psyche after the series ended badly in a disheartening 131-92 loss in Game Six at Boston.

Now, two years later, the Lakers have a personal vendetta against its archenemies, dating back to the ‘60s era when Wilt Chamberlain feuded with Bill Russell, then the ‘80s era when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird engendered the spotlight on the hardwood with non-stop, thrilling masterpieces.

So now, in a modern generation, one of the greatest ...

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