How Will Steve Blake Help the L.A. Lakers Have a Shot at a Three-Peat?

The L.A. Lakers signed G Steve Blake to a four-year contract on Thursday and while this news was overshadow by LeBron James decision to play for the Miami Heat, this transaction could be a big factor on the Lakers success for the next season.

Blake is an instant upgrade from the Jordan Farmar/Shanon Brown back-up tandem that they had last year. Now Steve Blake can play 20 solid minutes while Derek Fisher rests.

That may be very important because when they get to the playoffs in 2011, maybe they won't face real competition until the Conference finals but when they do, they'll be grateful that they signed Blake.

Because now they have a fast guy with fresh legs and good shooting skills coming in the second or third quarter while their starter recharges for the fourth quarter when they need their crunch guy especially on those long seven-game series. He can even play as a sub for Kobe Bryant if Sasha Vujacic isn't playing well.

Blake will absolutely take a big part if they get to the Finals where every player counts and especially when there's a lead to maintain.

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