How the L.A. Lakers Hide a Hobbled Steve Nash Against Tony Parker and Co.

The good news for the Los Angeles Lakers is that Steve Nash could be available to suit up against Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs.

The bad news is that Steve Nash could suit up against Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs.

Nash, 39, recently received two epidural injections for his ailing hip and hamstring.

"I haven't been able to run yet," said Nash, who, if good to go will be forced to contain one of the toughest point guard covers in the world.

And something tells me that Nash might need his legs for this one.

The Lakers made a major push over the final portion of the season. A push that landed them in the playoffs, which seemed off limits for about three-quarters of the season.

The issue is that Steve Nash's legs weren't behind this push.

Without Nash, the ball has run through Pau Gasol, and though not your typical point guard at seven-feet tall, the fact is the team has looked good, and the results have been positive.

But it's Nash's defensive struggles that should be a cause for concern against the speedy Tony Parker. So how do the Lakers hide Nash's beat-up, vulnerable lower body?

Simple: They hide Steve Nash from San Antonio.

Just because he's healthy enough to play doesn't mean he should—at least not in a full-time role.

Nash suited up against the Spurs earlier in the year, a game which the Lakers lost. I'll let Tony Parker's shot chart illustrate just how effective Nash was defensively.

Parker's shot chart vs. Nash:

Nash played 39 minutes in this game.

Parker seemed to get where he wanted whenever he wanted, finishing with 10 made field goals including five layups at the rim. As you can see, not once did Nash force Parker to his weak side, with all of his attempts and production coming on the right.

When the Lakers beat the Spurs just a we...

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