How LA Lakers Can Free Themselves of Dwight Howard Forever

Right now, the Los Angeles Lakers are the equivalent of a bitter ex-girlfriend.

Dwight Howard moved on to bigger and redder things when he chose the Houston Rockets as the winners of last summer’s free agency sweepstakes, thus leaving L.A.’s legendary 2012-13 flop in the rearview mirror.

But Mike D’Antoni and the Lakers still haven’t moved on.

After beating Houston on November 7 behind Steve Blake’s clutch three-pointer with under three seconds left, it was fair to think that Los Angeles would be able to let go of D12 for good.

After all, what better way to get back at Howard than beating him at his new home, hitting him with the “Hack-a-Howard” strategy as he clanged 11 free throws, watching Blake’s game-winner sail over his outstretched arms and doing it all without Kobe Bryant?

The ultimate revenge, right? Nope, Los Angeles is still bitter.


L.A. loves to hate D12

The Lakers haven’t been able to stop talking about Howard ever since he abandoned them. At first, it was understandable—Bryant’s social media reactions and the responses of former Lakers players to D12’s decision were even amusing. But now, it’s getting to be a bit much.

When asked about the NBA’s leading defensive rebounder in 2012-13, D’Antoni snubbed his former center after the 99-98 victory in Houston. “I mean, down there somewhere, yeah, I’m human,” he told’s Hangtime Blog. “It’s great (to beat Howard).”

Bryant sounded off on his relationship with Howard last season on NBAtv days before his Lakers took on the Rockets and didn’t pull any punches.

"We have two different personalities," Bryant said. "There's a certain way that I believe you have to approach the game in order to win champions...

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