How Crazy Would LA Lakers Be to Give Andrew Bynum Another Shot?

On Wednesday, May 7, the Indiana Pacers released Andrew Bynum, referencing issues with his knees and wishing him luck in the future.

This latest brief chapter in a basketball career that once carried Bynum to the pinnacle of success is now over. Most likely, his NBA career itself is over.

Writing for Bleacher Report, Dan Favale summed up the state of the 26-year-old center’s future in the wake of this latest aborted comeback: "Most importantly, we know that even if Bynum plays again, he'll never be the superstar he was supposed to be. Expectations are gone. Hope has vanished. Bynum's NBA career, even if he manages to find another home, is over."

How crazy would it be, then, for the team that selected him as the No. 10 overall pick in the 2005 draft to give him one last shot?

Crazy in a sad and desperate way? Crazy like a fox? Too crazy to even write about?

Given that Robert Sacre is the only frontcourt player under contract for the Lakers next season, maybe this isn’t actually beyond discussion.

And knowing that Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill are set to walk out the door via free agency, the Lakers might actually be desperate enough to consider such a thing.

Bynum was once an absolute beast; let’s be clear on that. And there was never any real doubt about how bad his knees were. Fans in Los Angeles lived for years with injury-shortened seasons, wincing every time he left the ground, wondering if he’d land safely.

Appearing on Fox Sports Live in January, Phil Jackson, who has since become president of the New York Knicks, was asked if he thought the player whom he coached to two championships would try to come back one more time: "I think he’s going to give it another try. This kid is really talented. He’s a good shooter, he’s got a good touch, got a left and a right hand… At age 35 he’s ...

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