How 2014 LA Lakers Can Replicate Miami Heat Superteam Free-Agent Blueprint

More than three years later, the 2010 Miami Heat are still the standard for all things free agency.

When teams look to rebuild through creating cap space and locking up superstars, instead of the NBA draft, they must look at the Heatles. And that includes the storied Los Angeles Lakers.

Those who know the Lakers will understand that they're always going to dream big and attempt to execute even bigger. That's how it was before Kobe Bryant, and how it has stayed with him.

After losing out on Dwight Howard, nothing has changed. The Lakers are still the Lakers, and they're still thinking big. Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James big.

According to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst,  Los Angeles plans to pursue 'Melo and/or LeBron next summer:

The Los Angeles Lakers, whose plan to re-sign center Dwight Howard did not pan out this offseason, are looking at adding LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony -- among others in a star-studded 2014 free-agent class -- front-office sources have told ESPN.

Opinions are split on whether the Lakers can actually land James or Anthony, with one source calling it "realistic" and another saying it was "far-fetched at this point." Nonetheless, the Lakers have made it clear they are positioning themselves for a run at one and perhaps even two of the superstars who could become free agents in 2014 by refusing to commit to any contract past this upcoming season, multiple sources have said.

Landing both LeBron and 'Melo, while retaining Kobe, won't be easy, but there was nothing simple about the Heat's situation in 2010.

Dwyane Wade was already in Miami, and LeBron and Chris Bosh left their respective franchises to join him in sunny Florida. This time, the Black Mamba would be the mainstay, and LeBron and 'Melo would charter due West to play with him.

Like I said, it's going to be...

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