Here We Go: NBA Finals Game Seven Lakers vs. Celtics Live Blog

8:38: P.M. PST: This is a pathetic offensive and defensive effort from the Celtics here in the fourth. Gasol goes 1-2, six point game. Foul on Artest, Pierce to the line trying to cut the lead to four. Just over two minutes to go. 

8:37: P.M. PST: Garnett gets two, but then picks up his fifth foul as Gasol will go to the line. 

8:36 P.M. PST: Kobe makes 1-2. 71-66, 3:20 to go. 

8:35 P.M PST: Celtics make it a four point game, but Kobe is going to the line for two. 

8:34 P.M. PST: Ray Allen misses a layup. Celtics don't look like they want it. 

8:31 P.M. PST: Celtics missing all the shots. Lakers have all the momentum. Gasol to the line for two. 

8:28 P.M. PST: Bryant hits a two. (I don't like to bring out my fan hood, but I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant in case you couldn't tell). Timeout. 

8:27 P.M. PST: Bryant makes both. 5:56 left.

8:23 P.M. PST: Derek Fisher TIES THE GAME WITH A THREE!!!!! Loose ball foul against the Celtics. Bryant will shoot two. TIMEOUT! 

8:22 P.M. PST: Allen goes back to the line for two and makes them both. 6:29 to go. 

8:21 P.M. PST: Pau Gasol goes to the line. He misses the first and misses the second, and the Celtics still lead by one. 

8:19 P.M. PST: Ray Allen will shoot two. He misses his first of the finals and goes 1-2. 7:13 to go.  

8:18 P.M. PST: Three point play = Tie game. (Artest to credit). 

8:16 P.M. PST: Bryant cuts it to one, but Allen responds with a two. Eight minutes to go. Nate Robinson in the game.  

8:13 P.M. PST: Love Doc Rivers, but his timeouts are usually inspirational speeches rather than basketball talk. Bryant will get three free throws, pending confirmation. 

8:10: P.M. PST: Los Angeles cannot get over the hump. They had it down to two with just over nine minutes to g...

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