Help Wanted Ad for LA Lakers Head Coaching Position


The following is a help wanted ad seeking a new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers: 


The Los Angeles Lakers are in need of a head coach who is an experienced and creative basketball mind as well as an understanding and motivational leader. The new coach will be expected to be a cornerstone of the franchise renovation process that will undoubtedly occur as the Lakers transition to the post-Kobe Bryant era. 

As potential candidates know, the 2012-13 season was not a great year to be the Lakers play caller. Mike Brown was ousted just five games into the season for inefficiency and failure to meet expectations. His replacement, Mike D'Antoni seemed to be a better fit but never got the squad over the proverbial hump despite making the playoffs with a critically wounded roster. 

That said, managing the playing time of the athletes on the floor is entirely up to the head coach. D'Antoni's efforts to play quality lineups often resulted in overuse of the team's best players. Not surprisingly, all of Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant had legitimate injuries that severely hampered the franchise's ability to succeed in the postseason. 

Although D'Antoni has two years left on his three year deal, the Lakers are perpetually dedicated to maximizing every season's potential. As such, the head coaching position is open for change if the organization finds a candidate that it believes can take the team in the right direction. 

Coaching in Los Angeles is unlike coaching in any other city. Not only do the players and fans expect greatness, the franchise has consistently adapted and succeeded in the ever-changing NBA. Boasting 16 NBA Championships, the Lakers have a tradition of excellence only trumped by the Boston Celtics. 

Furthermore, the Lakers are very clearly Los Angeles' favorite team. Along with such respect comes a responsibility to do t...

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