Heat Joke: Why Kobe Bryant Hasn’t Spoken On LeBron James & His Sidekicks

We are 18 days removed from the Miami Heat organization pulling off the NBA version of a Royal Flush. Yet, still the chatter of doubters and disbelievers ring louder and louder by the day.

This kind of blind hatred that has developed from this unprecedented moment in free agency history is nothing short of ridiculous and apparently everyone has their two cents to add.


I’ve darn near lost count with all the players, general managers, team presidents, ex-players, ex-girl friends of players, and so on. Seriously, this is borderline asinine behavior.

Lets run down the list of a few to offer up their opinions.

Stephen Jackson commented as if his team didn’t just get swept in theses past playoffs. Never mind the fact that his club got rid of two of the teams top five players. Does he really think his squad will challenge the Heat? Still, we should respect his opinion?

John Wall fresh out of NBA boot camp, also commented. Someone forgot to remind him that his club only won 26 games and many of those came with Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and Antawn Jamison on the roster. They aren’t apart of the Wizard organization any longer and he’s currently the only roster up-grade. Maybe he’ll lift them to elite status next season?

Rajon Rondo commented this past week as if his Celtics didn’t struggle containing Ron Artest of all people this past NBA Finals. Never mind Wade shot 55% versus them in their first round match-up while averaging 33 points per game. Does he really think people believe he thinks they can handle Dwyane Wade and LeBron James at the same time? Maybe Rondo will become as good as a shooter as Derek Fisher?

Derrick Rose is running his mouth as if he isn’t 6-2 versus the Heat these past two season, and now he’s running round with a roster that isn’t even as talented as the Utah Jazz of a year ago.&nbs...

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