Grading Los Angeles Lakers’ Final 15-Man Roster

Training camps allow NBA teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers the opportunity to acclimate and evaluate their rosters, before the rigors of the 82-game regular season begin.

This year, it was also a time in which to integrate a new head coach in Byron Scott, and a new style of roundball. Out was Mike D'Antoni's volume-scoring offense. In was Scott's emphasis on old-school defense.

It should have been a chance for a fresh start after two seasons that presented an unending pileup of injuries, in which rotations were simply never set.

But in a case of the more things change, the more they stay the same, this preseason has once again been largely overshadowed by the revolving carousel of hurt, from minor to the kind that provides unhappy closure to a career.

That said, the start to the regular season is upon us. And it’s time to hand out some grades.

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