Giants of the Game: The Greatest Big Men in NBA History

Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the ranks of the greatest big men in the history of the NBA!

The game of basketball has always been a sport of these walking giants whose abilities to dominate on the court can single handily turn your franchise into a championship contender.The league's very first superstar was a center.His name was George Mikan, the old man on the right.

He simply proved the theory that the NBA has been and may still is a game of these giants who with time, just got better.They are generally a bunch of strong guys who can score inside the paint, grab a ton of rebounds, block shots and anchor the defense

The expectations are always off the reality, but when you're great, nothing less than a success is expected, so it kinda gets hard on them. Although they have some similarities, they are different from each other and have their own kind of domination

It's best to build based on these players who are the biggest reasons for the championship runs since the beginning of the league. The Celtics had Bill Russell,Dave Cowens and Robert Parish.Then their rivals, LA, had Kareem, Shaq, Mikan and so on.

They possess different styles. There are big men who rely on their strength and athleticism, but there are some who use their skills and finesse to establish as a strong presence on the court. Most of the members of the list are part of the Greatest Of All Time debate.

There's a young group of so-so promising centers these days led by Howard that are ready to do what these players did years ago. I cannot wait to see that.

In the end, these legends are judged based on their abilities, how they contributed for their team's overall success, wins,resume, championships,legacy,impact etc. Even the little things matter. Here are the finest big men to ever play in the NBA History!

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