Game 7, Four Rows Back: A Championship Recap

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We believe in you!  We got your back!  You’ve come this far, let’s do this!


We were hoarse.  We were sweaty.  Emotionally spent, we had headaches of heroin-withdrawal intensity. 


Our legs were shaking like The Big One had finally hit LA, which makes sense, since we handle earthquakes much better than Game 7 losses.  My neighbors were turning their hats backwards, rolling up sleeves, doing everything possible to reverse the bad juju that had cursed the Staples Center up until that point. 


We were down.  But we kept on cheering.


The fans in Staples Center last Thursday night may have been removed from the action on the court, but we were completely and utterly involved.  For the first half, we had rolled with the punches and kept it close.  At halftime, as the cameras went to commercial, we watched our despondent but determined Purple and Gold take the floor slowly, one by one, to warm up for the second half. 


The music was off, and the media was hitting the restrooms and refreshments.  The now-you-see-them celebrities were getting their free popcorn in the tunnel club.  It was just the fans and their ball players.  And, armed only with our words of inspiration and what was left of our lungs, I was joined by 17,000 of my closest kin in shouting encouragement to the Lakers – our Los Angeles Lakers – to turn it all around.


Pau, be strong!  You’re better than these guys!  Derek, keep shooting baby! 


And at that point, it wasn’t looking good.


The deficit was six, which was remarkable considering how poorly we played.&...

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