Full Predictions for Kobe Bryant’s 2013-14 Season

Kobe Bryant is back. 

The Mamba will suit up Sunday, Dec. 8 against the Toronto Raptors, leaving Los Angeles Lakers fans dreaming of something like an 81-point outing. But before proclaiming immediate greatness, let's instead hold our horses a bit, even after Bryant turned to Facebook to announce his official return: 

No longer will Kobe's No. 24 jersey be hanging...in the clouds? Instead, it'll rest on his torso as he steps onto the court for the first time since tearing his Achilles at the end of the 2012-13 campaign. As ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin writes about the video, "Eventually the jersey is torn down the middle of the chest, presumably representing the Achilles tear that Bryant suffered, before being repaired with a blinding beam of sunlight."

Now that he's back, we no longer have to look back on the past, thinking about the torn jersey/torn Achilles.

We can finally get out our crystal balls and peek into the future, attempting to figure out exactly what we can expect in 2013-14. 


Lakers Won't Worry About Limiting Involvement, Just Minutes

Kobe has shown the ability over the course of his career to be effective despite not being 100 percent, so the Lakers don't really have to be concerned about his effectiveness returning to the court. 

How many times have we seen him play through nagging injuries? It takes a serious malady—something like a torn Achilles—in order for him to remain on the sideline. Broken fingers, contusions, illnesses and any other nicks, bumps or bruises he suffers through just don't keep him out of the lineup. 

Hell, remember this? 

How many players have the mental fortitude to rupture an Achilles tendon and then calmly knock down two freebies before heading to the locker room? It's tough to think of anyone but Kobe. &n...

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