From the Forum to Staples: The Top 10 Lakers as Ranked by Your Enemy

What the heck do you mean " ranked by your enemy," isn't this going to be another "I Heart Kobe" article?

No. I do not Heart Kobe. I can't stand Kobe, though I might have considered him the greatest player of his generation if the poor Charlotte Hornets hadn't been bamboozled by the evil Jerry West into giving him to the Lakers.

I don't Heart Shaq, Magic, or Kareem either.

Well, that's not entirely true anymore—if Shaq produces this season, he'll be more favorite former Laker of all-time. I might even refrain from spitting when I say his name.

You see, I'm a Celtics fan. Born and bred, green-bleeding, Bird-worshiping Celtics fan.

But wait you fans of the Purple and Gold—who better to rank your all-time best than someone who prides himself as your mortal enemy? As eloquently put by some ancient Chinese cat, "If you know yourself but not your enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat."

I know the Lakers almost as much as I know the Celtics. Every move the Lakers make, I'm watching it for how it impacts The Rivalry. Every free agent signing, every trade, every injury—I'm watching like a hawk.

One thing I can guarantee you before we start—at no point in this slide show will there be any gushing about how so-and-so was "my favorite player growing up" or any such nonsense. No player will be overrated for sentimental reasons. I dislike each of these players.

Cold hard facts, viewed through my own unique perspective as your enemy, is the order of the day.

Without further ado...

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