Free Agents LA Lakers Can and Can’t Afford to Lose This Offseason

After a disappointing 2012-13 campaign, the Los Angeles Lakers have some soul searching to do this summer.

Sweeping changes are probably unrealistic, but there are definitely some important decisions to be made during the offseason.

Given that the Lakers don't own any picks in the upcoming draft, the first real decisions will be made in free agency.

Los Angeles is well over the luxury tax line. There is no way the Lakers can sign any impact free agents unless the organization can convince them to sign for the veteran's minimum to chase a ring (Not inconceivable, but that exact scenario didn't quite work out last year for Antawn Jamison).

What the Lakers are really faced with is the option to bring back their own players who are hitting the market this summer. Let's take a look at the players they can and can't afford to lose in the offseason.

CAN Afford to Lose...

Antawn Jamison

As previously mentioned, Jamison signed for the veteran's minimum last season in an ill-fated grasp for a championship.

Jamison was a useful player for the Lakers on the offensive end, serving primarily as the stretch-four in Mike D'Antoni's spread attack. His three-point accuracy was above his career mark and he posted the second-highest true shooting percentage of his career.

Defensively, however, Jamison was little more than a lamppost, standing still and allowing opponents to light him up. 

The Lakers gave up more points per possession with Jamison on the court as opposed to on the bench, and his personal defensive rating of 108 was abysmal, right in line with his career norm.

Jamison turns 37 years old in June. There's certainly no upside with him. If he agrees to another minimum deal and can replicate what he did this year (far from guaranteed) it's a bargain for the Lakers, but there's no risk to letting him walk.

If need be, the Lak...

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