Four Reasons the Los Angeles Lakers Will Beat the Miami Heat

Ever since the Heat signed Wade, Bosh, and James, all the expectations are a Heat-Lakers Finals.

In my opinion, Lakers beat them in five games, if it happens.

Let's not forget, the Heat have to get past Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Atlanta and the rest of the Eastern Conference to even get to the Finals.

And, the Lakers have to get past Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denver, San Antonio, and the Western Conference. It isn't an easy feat.

Why do I think the Lakers defeat the Heat so easily? The Heat are way over-matched. That's why.


Reason 1: Kobe vs. Wade

I am 97.6 percent sure that Wade will be covering Kobe on defense. Kobe is 2-3 inches taller than Wade and can shoot over him pretty easily.

With the ability that Kobe has of knocking down tough jumpers, that equals multiple successful possessions for the Lakers.

Kobe also has great post-up ability. Most guards don't have great post-up defense. I, personally, have never seen Wade play post-up defense, but I can't imagine it is too spectacular.


Reason 2: Ron Artest's Defense

I would imagine that Artest would be covering LeBron most of the game, occasionally switching off to cover Wade and Kobe covering LeBron.

But, the time that Artest is covering LeBron, it wont be an easy task. I am sure all of you saw the way he absolutely shut down Carmelo.

I am definitely not saying he will shut down LeBron, but I think he will take LeBron a little more out of the game and make it just a tad easier for the Lakers.

Artest has always been known for his defense, and last year, I really saw why. He has quick hands and feet. Which is so critical in being a good defender.


Reason 3: Andrew Bynum is better than any Miami Heat center

Bynum, the Lakers center, is not the best offensive player, or best defensive ...

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