Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Bigger Than Kobe Bryant

The other day I was at the world famous South Coast Plaza shopping mall in Orange County, California. For those of you who do not know, the South Coast Plaza or “SCP," is the number one baller shopping spree mall in the world. No other mall in the world has all of your favorite ridiculously expensive homosexual designer stores packed into one mall.

Speaking of balling I was there that day because I obtained a Louis Vuitton gift card that was actually courtesy of the Louis Vuitton corporation due to our good friend Beverly who hooked up all of us hard working ballers with a very “settling” gift card. Thanks Beverly (wink).

So on my way to the Louis Vuitton store that day I walked past the Foot Locker store and I had to stop and do a double take. What I thought I saw stopped me and made me turn around and walk into the store. It was a huge wall to wall poster of the number one American pound for pound boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I could not believe it. I thought boxing was “supposedly” dead? On top of that I started to look around for some other top athletes posters in the store and there was none. I thought to myself, "wait a minute, America is on fire right now  about the NBA Finals so you would think for sure there would be a poster or display of Mr. NBA Finals himself: Kobe Bryant right?" Wrong , no images of Kobe what so ever. Then I thought the whole world is turned upside down right now for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, so naturally there had to be FIFA World Cup soccer posters of the many top players right? Wrong. Again the only poster they had was of Mayweather.

So for those of you who hate on the sport of boxing and hate on Mayweather, I guess this is another reason to hate on. At a time when the world is either glued to the NBA Finals and/or the FIFA World Cup, a boxer is the only one to take up wall to wall space at your local favorite shoe store.


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