Five Things the Suns Need To Happen To Upset the Lakers

On paper, this is no contest. The Lakers should win. Kobe Bryant and the Twin Towers vs. Nash, Stoudemire and a fresh off the IL Robin Lopez. Phil Jackson (former Bulls' coach )vs. Alvin Gentry (former Clippers' coach). Bryant's four championships vs. Nash's zero Finals appearances. The Lakers' pedigree of championships vs. the Suns pedigree of coming up short. There's more to this than what's on paper, though, otherwise the Suns wouldn't even be here. Pundits and fans who pick the Lakers are forced to do so after mentally confronting what the Suns have already done. They have to convince themselves, however fleetingly, that the Lakers will win. That's saying something. Still, the Suns will need more than what they've already shown if they're to topple the team that's been where they want to be. This isn't an undermanned Portland team or an aging and flawed Spurs' squad. This is the Lakers, who are nothing less than a championship team. It's the Suns who need to find out if they're that kind of team as well.Begin Slideshow


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