Fifth Career Title All The Sweeter For Los Angeles Lakers’ Derek Fisher

Even in a Kobe Bryant world, there’s always a warm place for Derek Fisher. Besides, Fisher is the only current NBA player who can match Bryant ring for ring.

Their fistfuls of fine jewelry prove just how far the two guards have come since the phenom from Philadelphia and the unknown from somewhere or other in Arkansas made Jerry West look awfully smart 14 years ago.

And while Bryant has never steered far from the NBA’s high profile spotlight, Fisher seems most comfortable hoisting big shots in even bigger games. These two draft class chums will forever be linked by their sparkling similarities.

Both men, no longer spring chickens as they’ve crossed the dreaded 30-something threshold, have enjoyed the fruits of success throughout their long, prosperous professional careers.

Bryant’s run stands the test of time, as he’s officially crossed over into the elite, first name only bases offered to greats like Larry, Magic, and Michael.

In the pantheon of Lakers legends, Fisher’s name falls under the B flight, the second class, the bit players who make things go.

Catchy nicknames, cushy endorsements, and rabid autograph seekers have mostly looked past the undersized lefty, who refused to burn out or fade away as the years passed.

Sound logic says Derek Fisher shouldn’t be here celebrating yet another NBA title. Not bad for a second banana.

Why should folks envy the quiet perimeter shooter? Let’s count the ways.

In case you missed it, the bearded one nailed the biggest momentum-shifting bucket in Game Seven of the NBA Finals last Thursday.

Fisher stepped right out of the locker room and into a three-pointer that nearly brought the house down at Staples Center.

After spending a brief stint surrounded by team trainers, the veteran’s clutch bomb drew LA even with their Boston counterparts.

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