Fatal Flaws That Sunk LA Lakers’ Season

As the Los Angeles Lakers have proven, just putting together a conglomerate of superstars may still yield enough flaws to ultimately tank a season rather than bringing instant contender status. 

The most prominent concerns with bringing in a host of talent via trade and free agency rather than fostering them through the draft revolve around chemistry issues, whether the superstars complement each other and if the role players can supplement the stars effectively.

The Lakers ended up having all of these issues and more. With a coaching change and injury woes that would have made Greg Oden blush, these problems and more made up crucial hindrances that tanked the Lakers' season. 

While the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat have been very successful in forming a conglomerate of superstars into a winning team, the Lakers and their many flaws are the epitome of everything that could go wrong with putting together superstars on a whim and expecting spectacular results. 

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