Evaluating the Los Angeles Lakers’ Needs for 2013-14

The Los Angeles Lakers will make changes for the ensuing season with the hope of contending for a title. Thus, evaluating their needs for 2013-14 obviously comes into play.

Given the team’s current configuration, a couple of assumptions will be in order when determining the holes the team will fill in the offseason.

Mike D’Antoni is the head coach of the Lakers. In previous stints, he has favored a high-paced game with an emphasis on ball screens and three-point shooting.

Given that he did not have a training camp in 2012-13, he never truly obtained the opportunity to put his imprint on the team. This time around, he will have the Lakers from scratch.

Hence, the Purple and Gold will now be built in accordance with his principles.

In addition, Dwight Howard will enter the 2013 offseason as a free agent. It’s tough to predict with much certainty whether he will be back with the team.

With that said, we will operate under the premise Howard will be back with the team in determining its offseason needs.

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