Eva Longoria: Jersey-Chasing Longoria Can Do Far Better Than Grimy Matt Barnes

Eva Longoria is one of the hottest women in the world. Recently divorced Longoria is clearly a bit insecure at the moment, as she was seen with the grimiest of grimy NBA players, Matt Barnes.

Longoria doesn't have to settle for anything less than A-list NBA superstars. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard are the players she should be pursuing if she can't manage to keep her hands off NBA players.

Does the fact that the two were seen together mean that they are romantically involved? Let's hope not. People thought Tony Parker was overachieving with Longoria? Barnes would be totally out of his league with Longoria.

BlackSportsOnline posted the picture of Longoria with her arm around Barnes that generated all of the buzz.

She either needs to go the Kim Kardashian route and pursue a bench warmer who doesn't look like he should be in prison or go after a guy whose play on the court outweighs his physical shortcomings.

Of course, there are lines. Nobody wants to see Longoria end up with Joakim Noah just because he's scrappy on the boards.

Longoria is selling herself short. Pictures have led to speculation, and while it may be unwarranted, the fact that we are even having this discussion is ridiculous.

Eva needs to step her game up. If she's going to take pictures that may insinuate she may even be remotely interested in another NBA athlete, she needs to make sure she's associating with players who are on her level.

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