ESPN Films ‘The Announcement’: Magic Johnson’s Compelling Story Is Must-See TV

ESPN Films is about to debut what is bound to be one of their most powerful documentaries yet. "The Announcement" debuts on Sunday at 9 pm ET and centers around Magic Johnson, in 1991, announcing to the world that he was HIV positive. 

The film will feature plenty of quotes from Magic, his family, former teammates, Lakers personnel and friends. There will also be plenty of highlights from Magic's wonderful playing days. And that right there is worth the price of admission. 

Memories have a tendency to enhance as time goes on. You can remember a player being just jaw-droppingly amazing, and then go back and the highlights are not as spectacular as the memories. That is not the case with Magic.

There has never been another player like Magic. He orchestrated fast breaks with ease. He made spectacular passes look routine, and impossible passes possible. And he did it all at the size of a power forward. 

That kind of fluidity, control of the game and proficiency translates well. And so does the enjoyment he brought to the game. That was fun up-and-down basketball to watch. 

It was all of those things that helped make Magic such a huge star, and not just a star in a basketball sense, but in any sense. Everybody knew who Magic Johnson was. 

That is what made his announcement such an unforgettable moment.  

It was a moment that transcended sports. HIV was still a disease surrounded with a lot of misconceptions and fear, and above all, it was perceived as a death sentence.

This will all be encapsulated by the ESPN documentary in people's reaction to the announcement. And it is in large part thanks to that '91 announcement that a lot of those misconceptions have vanished. 

The documentary will show Magic walking through the Great Western Forum to show where he first told his teammates, and where he held his pre...

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