Ed Davis: A Bright Spot on a Dreary Los Angeles Lakers Roster

The Los Angeles Lakers have proved to be nothing but putrid through the initial eight games of the 2014-15 season. Their offense looks bad, their defense is atrocious and inconsistency plagues them on a nightly basis.

Mix this in with debilitating injuries to Steve Nash, Julius Randle and Nick Young, among others, and it's no wonder the Lakers are 1-7.

However, amid all the losing, injuries and purely awful basketball, one unignorable positive remains. He exists in the form of Ed Davis, and he serves as a bright spot on a dreary Los Angeles roster.

Davis has shown consistency on a team defined by the opposite as well as defensive superiority on a squad lacking it.

Coming off the bench behind either Carlos Boozer or Jordan Hill, the big man is not expected to do much: protect the rim, grab rebounds and score inside when given the chance.

This may seem like a slight role, but it is one Davis embraces and fills exceptionally.

Thus far, the power forward/center has produced outstanding averages of 9.5 points, 7.1 rebounds, 1.6 blocks and a field-goal percentage of 68.8 percent in just under 24 minutes per game. 

He is first on the Lakers in blocks and field-goal percentage, second in rebounds and fifth in scoring. In addition, he boasts a superb player efficiency rating of 21.4, good for first on the team as well. 

Need a new offensive possession? Davis will position himself accordingly to strongly secure an offensive board. Looking for a stop on defense? He will utilize his lengthy 7'0" wingspan to either alter or completely reject an attempt near the rim.

Not bad for a player Los Angeles inked on a bargain.

Davis not only accomplishes what is expected of him, but he does it effectively and efficiently almost every night he steps on the floor.

His game log proves just as much (via ESPN.com):

Date Opp Sc...

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