Dwight Instagrams Photo of Himself Dunking on Former Teammate Kobe Bryant

It’s safe to say Dwight Howard’s stint with the Los Angeles Lakers last season probably won’t garner him a Hollywood star—not now, not ever.

Howard’s L.A. tenure—if you can call it that—was marred by internal squabbling and mediocre basketball. It was a period both parties would probably love to forget.

Which naturally means Dwight should take to his Instagram account and post a picture of him dunking on Kobe Bryant.

The attendant caption reads: "Throwback hahahahah. Nothin like how he got me but look at dfish and pau face hhahah."

First off, what’s up with the photo quality? Even if that was taken in the 2009 NBA Finals—which Dwight and the Orlando Magic lost handily, by the way—was someone using a circa 2002 flip phone?

Second—now that I’ve taken a closer look at everyone’s left shoulder, I can confirm this was in fact the Finals—why are you trying to make a statement with a photo taken in a series you lost?

One of two things has to be the case: Either Dwight and Kobe have somehow mended fences and this is little more than a gentle ribbing between friends.

Or, Dwight Howard has zero self-awareness and offered up the most half-measured digital diss in the modern history of the NBA.

If only there was someone with a clearer example of exactly where these two stood…Oh, hi there, New York Post’s Page Six:

Relations between Kobe Bryant and his Lakers teammate Dwight Howard were beyond icy during the weekend’s All-Star game in Houston — with Howard mocking Bryant behind his back in the locker room, sources exclusively tell Page Six. Amid other reports that the Lakers’ chilly on-court chemistry was spilling into the locker room, we’re told that Howard “grabbed Kobe’s uniform, put it on, and imitated him in front of all th...

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