Dwight Howard vs. Andrew Bynum: A Debate in Context

At this point, the Andrew Bynum-Dwight Howard binary is fairly inescapable. One star center or the other figures to be a Los Angeles Laker for a long time, and until Howard agrees to an extension or a new contract, he'll be bound to L.A. by the rumor mill.

The idea of Howard becoming a Laker is clearly intriguing to enough people to remain prominent in the NBA discourse, and considering the resources that L.A. has at its disposal, a union between the trade market's top player and the league's most glamorous franchise is entirely possible.

But Bynum certainly has his advocates, and deservedly so. Despite the fact that Howard is one of the all-around best players in the NBA, many would still argue that the Lakers would be wise to stick it out with their immensely talented big man rather than chase a dream of something more.

Plus, a functional one-for-one trade of Bynum for Howard requires far more consideration than absolute evaluations of either player's skill sets. Though either big man would eventually become the centerpiece for the post-Kobe Lakers, in the meantime they'd make for an offensive complement, a defensive anchor, and a teammate to Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, among others. A conclusive fit is more important than some abstract judgment of which player is superior.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bynum, no matter how we change the parameters of the conversation, the outcome is no more favorable. Howard is the better player and the better fit for L.A., for reasons that apply as much on the offensive end as they do on defense.


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