Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Are The LA Lakers or NJ Nets a Better Fit?

Remember how LeBron James was the hot topic last summer in the NBA?

Well, get ready for Dwight Howard to become 2012's version, minus "The Decision".

While much has been made of where he'll go, and among the notables are the Charlotte Bobcats, New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles, and even staying with the Orlando Magic is a possibility.

Regardless, he will undoubtedly become the NBA's most courted player over the next 18 months, and it is for good reason: he is the first vintage natural center since Shaquille O'Neal came alive with that same Magic squad.

For a guy that averages 23 points and 14 rebounds and has accumulated three straight Defensive Player of the Year awards, Howard sure doesn't seem eager to leave town.

"I love Orlando. The city has been very good to me and I want to finish my career here.” Howard stated a month or two back. How much of this statement has true validity?

Does Dwight want to finish his career without a sidekick or titleless?

Orlando aside, the two perhaps likeliest destinations for Superman II are as follows: first, he could be heading to Newark to play for Jay Z, Mikhail Prokhorov and the Nets; or he could push his talents to the West Coast and play with Kobe and the Lakers.

In order to properly decide which of the two are a slick fit for the 6'11" big, I will look at reasons why the respective teams are good fits and decide which is better for Howard.

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