Dwight Howard Says He No Longer Speaks to Kobe Bryant Since Joining Rockets

Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant aren't best friends.

They don't split frozen yogurt at the mall, wear matching fedoras or stay up late talking about the latest episode of Scandal. They don't talk, period.

With Howard nearing his first game against the Los Angeles Lakers since spurning them in free agency for the Houston Rockets, reporters asked if he still spoke with Kobe.

"No," he replied, per the Los Angeles Times' Melissa Rohlin.

Anyone who had hopes of Kobe and Howard remaining close or even cordial, your illusions have just been shattered.

This isn't a "Howard hates the Lakers" thing; it's a "Howard and Kobe can't stand each other" thing.

Per ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne, Howard has kept in touch with a few of his former Lakers teammates, but he hasn't spoken with Kobe since the summer:

I find myself wondering if the last words Kobe spoke to Howard consisted of "I'll teach you how to win" or something similar. What a way to end a marriage.

But it's not like we didn't see this coming. Kobe unfollowed Howard on Twitter after he made his decision to leave Los Angeles, and rumors of their division surfaced well before the 2012-13 campaign even ended.

Maybe if Howard had re-signed with the Lakers, things would have been different. The two would have been given more time to understand one another, to appreciate one another. Kobe could've taught Howard how to win for real.

Howard doesn't want to hear such nonsense, having made it clear that his time with the Lakers and Kobe is "over":

For those who weren't satisfied with his decision, tough. This is Howard's life, and like he always has, he is going to do what he wants:

Too bad it's going to take a miracle on more than just 34th Street for Kobe to suit up against the Rockets. I would fork over some serious coin to see h...

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