Dwight Howard Proves Again That It’s All About Dwight Howard

Very rarely do I find myself siding with Mike D’Antoni.

His core principles as a coach go against everything I believe is essential in winning a championship.

His disregard for defense and propensity for relying on the three-point shot have ensured defeat endless times throughout his career.

Yet still I find myself siding with him. It’s a strange feeling. One that only a player as entitled and selfish as Dwight Howard could push me to.

What on earth happened? In less than a year, Howard has destroyed his reputation, possibly beyond repair.

We saw signs of this type of behavior during his time in Orlando. The endless waffling of whether he’d stay or go. The silly squabbles he had with Stan Van Gundy. His propensity to throw teammates under the bus. It was never Howard’s doing in defeat yet the praise was always there in victory.

We thought a change of scenery was all he needed. That a move to a storied franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers would push along his maturation. We were wrong.

The waffling has returned, this time with his statement that he is intrigued by the prospect of starting over (again) with the Houston Rockets, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles. The squabbles have remained, D’Antoni replacing Van Gundy in the coach's role. The excuses remain, this time with his declaration that he was used improperly.

The Rockets better think twice before dishing out a big contract to Howard. The Magic and Lakers should serve as cautionary tales about the perils of employing this one-time superstar.

When the going gets tough, Dwight Howard checks out.

For a man who is only a few years removed from garnering praise as the perhaps No. 2 player in the league, it’s been a long fall from grace.

The smiling superstar with the bubbly personality still remains. Yet the smiles are now through clen...

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