Dwight Howard Lakers: Why LA Must Move Quickly on Magic Star

The Los Angeles Lakers resubmitted their deal for the New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul, but they should start focusing on the Orlando Magic's center Dwight Howard. Howard's agent has been granted to explore trades, and the New Jersey Nets seem to be in the drivers seat with a deal that will likely be headlined with Brook Lopez.

The Lakers can't get sidetracked by the Paul deal because getting Howard is a much better move for the team. While Paul would be a great addition to the Lakers, the past has proven that Kobe Bryant suits much better with a powerful big man.

Bryant won his five championships with either Shaquille O'Neal or Pau Gasol, and now is the time to go after Howard. While Gasol is involved in the Paul trade, if that doesn't go through with its resubmission, the Lakers could likely swap Gasol and other pieces for Howard.

If the Lakers were able to attain Howard, they would have the best pure scorer in the league in Bryant and the most powerful big man in the league in Howard. This has been the proven method that has claimed Lakers titles, besides for the fact that Phil Jackson was at the helm.

The Lakers already have a fine point guard in Derek Fisher. While Fisher is aging, he is still a satisfactory piece when teamed with Bryant and Howard. The three could easily carry enough weight with other options that are not as savvy as Paul.

Fisher is also a much better option in comparison to center Andrew Bynum. If the Lakers were to only make the move for Paul, they would likely still have Bynum. The Lakers would be better suited to move on from Bynum than to keep him and add Paul compared to having Fisher and Howard.

Coach Mike Brown never won a championship in Cleveland, but he proved that he could win with essentially just LeBron James. With Bryant and Howard, the Lakers could succeed with other decent players around them.

While the Lakers seemed focused on Paul, they really should ...

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