Don’t Panic: Luck Be a Los Angeles Laker

From our corrections and retractions department: Okay, maybe this is a rivalry .

In defense of my last article, I did warn the Lakers about looking past the Phoenix Suns, even if that's what I was essentially doing in my own thesis.

Also in my defense, I wasn't the only one.

Rumors of Lamar Odom partying in New York blew up the Twitterverse . They were, of course, false, but were plausible enough to actually carry steam for awhile.

Before Sunday, rumors that Phil Jackson would be partying with Mikhail Prokhorov in Newark next season dominated fan and media discussion as well.

The only topic that didn't seem to be dominating the conversation was, well, the opponent at hand.

Now, the Western Conference Finals stand at 2-2, reset to a short three-game series, with the Lakers having the home-court advantage and the Suns having all the momentum.

Panic sweeps Lakers Nation. Its many enemies abroad begin to lick their chops at the prospect of bringing Kobe and his whirlybird back down to earth.

The Lakers are working too hard against Phoenix's twilight zone defense, which appears to have sent the Lakers' offense into another dimension.

Phoenix's bench looks strong enough to carry the team, while the Lakers' doesn't look strong enough to carry a towel.

The Suns are creating, and getting, opportunities to get to the free throw line, while the charity stripe has been so foreign to the Lakers, they should ask to see its papers (too soon, Arizona?).

Andrew Bynum has again picked the absolute worst time to take his annual vacation, while Amar'e Stoudemire responded to the controversy over his Lamar Odom comment with a monstrous Game Three performance (42 points, 11 rebounds).

Even Sir Charles proclaimed Arizona's Lo-Lo's better than southern California's Roscoe's Fried Chicken & Waffles chain on TNT after the game last night.

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