Does Shannon Brown, the Lakers’ Human Pogo, Have NBA Potential?

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently resigned guard Shannon Brown.

The youngster who is overloaded with hops and is dubbed as the "Airplane" and "Human Pogo."

His extremely amazing athletic ability inspired fans to rally and start a campaign for him to participate in the Dunk Contest. He has become a fan favorite at the Staples Center due to his electrifying dunks. 

But do we really want him back?

I mean sure, we would love to watch his dunks, but does he have potential to grow?

His three-point shooting is just above average. For the triangle, your best bet is to be good down low, or have three-point shooting ability.

Shannon Brown is a slasher, and when you have one of the best slashers in league history on your team, you're not getting much room to improve. Shannon would be better off in a run n' gun, fast, up-beat style tempo team, than the triangle offense. 

Shannon used to be a real stud in high school and college.

He brings that athletic and young spark to the Lakers. Without Brown, the Lakers are basically old.

Unless they sign rookies Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks, and let go of those three Lakers "fans", Josh Powell, Adam Morrison, and D.J. Mbenga, their bench will continue to deteriorate.

Shannon Brown will get minutes as Kobe Bryant is aging and ailing with injuries. 

Shannon's growth may be in jeopardy, though.

He isn't getting as many chances because the Lakers are a championship team. Phil Jackson is a high level coach. You need to earn his respect before he gives you minutes.

Just ask Powell, Morrison, and Mbenga.

They've been glued to the bench for two years or so. Maybe the Lakers isn't the best team for Shannon.

It's why Jordan Farmar left; he is an athletic guard who left to a more run n' gun team. But hey, we'll see if Shannon grows.


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