Does Nick Young Have a Future with the LA Lakers?

Without Kobe Bryant carrying the load for the Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Young has stepped up and earned his moniker: Swaggy P. Leading the team in scoring with 17.1 points, Young has been a bright spot during a morbid season for LA. 

There is no doubt that Young has the swagger and the charisma to shine in the L.A. spotlight. When the Lakers were scrappy and competitive prior to the myriad of injuries that befell their guards, Young was the key cog to their early season success.

Starting out 10-9, Young was the spark off the bench and his play was reminiscent of Nate Robinson's torrid performances with the Chicago Bulls last season. 

With a comfortable role as the sixth man of the team, there is no reason Young can't thrive with the Lakers for the foreseeable future. 

As a scorer, Young is a high-volume shooter that can score the basketball in a myriad of ways. With Bryant on the back-end of his career and willing to play a facilitating role, Young and Bryant shouldn't clash in terms of fighting for possession of the ball. 

In fact, according to the Los Angeles Daily News' Mark Medina, Bryant has become a mentor to Young and should only aid his growth as a player. 

In terms of his production, the Lakers aren't going to find a more versatile and fearless scorer for the $1.1 million that Young is being paid this season.

According to his shot chart, Young is at his most efficient when attacking the rim, shooting close-range shots along the baseline and shooting three-point shots from the middle of the arc. This versatility stems from his ability to take his man off the dribble. 

Although he does settle for more three-pointers than he should, his ability to stretch the floor is still crucial in Mike D'Antoni's offense. If D'Antoni continues to be entrusted with the Lakers' future, then there is no better cog in his mach...

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