Does Andrew Bynum’s Latest News Make Case for Carmelo Anthony Trade?

I have tried to be patient with Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum in the face of his numerous injuries, because his potential has always intrigued me, but that patience may be wearing thin.

It was recently announced that Bynum would likely be out of the Lakers' lineup until at least November due to his latest knee injury, and the timing can't possibly be worse.

The Lakers definitely need Bynum if they hope to successfully defend their NBA championship, and to make matters worse, Bynum could possibly start the season on time if he would have had surgery sooner.

All I could think of was Shaquille O'Neal when it was announced that Bynum chose to forgo surgery for personal reasons, and that memory does not sit well on the brain.

O'Neal's decision to postpone surgery was one of the factors that led to his demise in Los Angeles, and it was one of the instances Kobe Bryant pointed to when questioning the big man's desire.

How do you think Bryant feels about Bynum?

I can understand Bynum wanting to enjoy a little of the summer after a grueling regular season and playoff run, but doesn't his team's concerns come before a trip to the World Cup?

Would it have made more sense for Bynum to have the surgery and miss the World Cup, because his main loyalties lie with the Lakers' franchise, rather than a sport he doesn't even play?

Maybe Bryant's love for soccer induced Bynum's decision, but it's hard to believe that considering how much more Bryant loves to win on the basketball court.

A good start will be critical for the Lakers, but more importantly Bynum needs to begin the season healthy because he is notorious for regressing after an injury.

Bynum always seems to take a step back in his development after returning from injury, and he never appears to be in the proper physical condition when he does return.

The Lakers have so far been pretty ...

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