Do The Lakers Still Believe in Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown?

One of the Los Angeles Lakers' biggest off-season concerns is their situation at the point guard position and whether or not Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown are the team's long-term solutions.

Derek Fisher is a free agent this year and, regardless if he returns or not, the perception around Los Angeles is the Lakers could benefit by upgrading their talent at the lead guard position.

It's not that Farmar or Brown don't possess the talent to be a capable backup or starter for the Lakers, but neither has displayed the consistency needed when running the show for the two-time defending champions.

Farmar has been perceived as the point-guard-in-waiting ever since he decided to forgo his final seasons at UCLA, but his on-court performances have rarely matched his ability.

Farmar has decent size, superior quickness, a nice jump shot, and great leaping ability, but so far has not been able to combine all those skills in a manner that makes him a dependable player.

He has shown flashes of brilliance, and few guards can stay in front of his first step, but mental lapses on both ends of the court nullify those brief periods where Farmar appears to be a competent player.

Farmar's abilities made it hard for Lakers' coach Phil Jackson to keep him on the bench, but there were several instances where it seemed evident that Jackson's trust in him had faded.

Brown's situation is a little different from Farmar's because his size and strength make it easier to play either of the guard positions, therefore his value is increased due to versatility.

Like Farmar, Brown is also a superior athlete who was blessed with great natural skills like his leaping ability, but he too has yet to develop into a consistent player.

Brown's energy and athleticism have given Lakers fans many special moments, but he is also victim to the numerous mental lapses that have plagued Farmar for the majori...

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