Do the L.A. Lakers Have It in Them?

The question is, do the Los Angeles Lakers have it in them to win the NBA title again? That question is on the minds of a lot of people, including their fans. The reason it has come up as of late is because their play recently has got some fans worried.

Fans want to know if they will repeat this year, even after the Cavaliers and Mavericks have gotten better via trades. The fact is that the Lakers are still the team to beat, and until someone takes them out in the playoffs then they are the favorites. This doesn't mean that they don't have any weaknesses, though.

One of their weaknesses is inconsistent point guard play; since the season started, Derek Fisher's play has been all over the place on the offensive and defensive end of the court with smaller guards often beating him off the dribble. This has forced the Lakers to move Kobe Bryant over to cover the faster guards and put Fisher on the other guard.

This ultimately puts the Lakers in a bad position when Fisher is on the floor because this leads to Kobe being in foul trouble. This is obviously a negative, because it could lead to Kobe being on the bench for a longer period of time.

Since this is a problem, the Lakers have been trying to bring in Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar to assist the defense in the backcourt. This has helped some, but hasn't completely solved the problem.

This isn't the only glaring weakness; the other guys have also had trouble adjusting to Kobe being back from injury, because they don't know when to contribute. Kobe is starting to play well, but the rest of the team hasn't gotten to that same level yet. The reason is, when Kobe was injured, the team was playing well together. Now, they have to get back to how they were playing before the injury.

If they get back to how they were playing before Kobe's injury, then they will be hard to beat. The recent struggles have convinced me that they will have troubles in...

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