Dispelling the Biggest Myths Surrounding LA Lakers 2013 Offseason

The 2013 offseason will be an incredibly important one for the Los Angeles Lakers’ short and long-term ambitions. However, multiple myths pertaining to their prospective moves have arisen recently and must be dispelled.

For instance, salary cap guru Larry Coon wrote a terrific piece outlining the complications involved with re-signing Dwight Howard and landing Chris Paul as a free agent.

In short, it requires a multitude of roster moves to obtain the necessary cap space—then both players must accept a pay cut. The other possibility involves one of them getting a max contract while the other takes a substantial decrease in salary.

These scenarios aren’t impossible, but rather unlikely.

There are more stories floating out there involving the Purple and Gold’s next set of options at their disposal. Some of them have merit, whereas a handful of them are simply myths that must be debunked.

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