Did Kobe Bryant Get a Good Look With His Last Shot?

Okay, so the Lakers won Game 5 with Ron Artest somehow managing a game winning put back. Now, lets use our imagination for a bit.

What if Jason Richardson decided to play defense, boxed out Artest, and prevented him from getting the rebound? Would you still think that Kobe took a good shot? 

I've heard from Lakers fans, who've told me that Kobe should take the final shot no matter what? Even if it's a double-teamed airball, when he had 3.5 seconds left after the inbound pass? Should he have passed it, like Jordan did to Steve Kerr and John Paxon in the 90s? 

Had Derek Fisher not proven himself in that fourth quarter, when he drained every outside shot?

Yes, the Lakers won. That's all that matters. However, I'm not talking about the Lakers.

I'm talking about the science behind why Kobe chooses to take the last shot NO MATTER WHAT.

Is the game winning pass not an option?

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